Leftover risotto recipes

I’ve always re-heated left-over risotto – usually as a lunchtime meal (much better than a bought sarnie). However I haven’t really tried any of the recipes that ‘re-model’ the risotto into an entirely new dish.

A risotto ‘pie’ was the first experiment – mixing the leftover rice with beaten eggs, breadcrumbs, shredded meat (tonight, leftover poussin) and any other bits that look ‘interesting’. Place into a suitable baking dish – so that you get a decent depth to the pie – then top with parmesan and more breadcrumbs. I served this as a side with a roast when we had unexpected guests and they polished the lot off.

Easier still – scoop out the innards of any large tomatoes (beefsteak) or aubergines and stuff with risotto which you have ‘tweaked’ (see ideas above). Then arrange snugly in a roasting dish – slather with olive oil and roast until tender. All it needs is good bread to soak up the cooking juices.

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