Corallo restaurant in Limassol

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Firstly the Corallo is in Paphos but Google maps didn’t seem to locate it correctly! This is a true Cypriot establishment located in a very busy tourist-trap area of Paphos. Ignore the surrounding ‘plasma-screen-sky-sports-with all-day-engleesh-breakfast’ surroundings.
If you’re after the true taste of the islands cuisine then I’d heartily recommend it. I was raised in Cyprus and on returning after a 30 year absence wanted my kids to experience the fabulous food I’d enjoyed with my parents. My advice would be to learn a few social peasantries in Cypriot (mine was very rusty but seemed to become almost fluent after a cold glass or three…) and you’ll experience a different level of service. I let our waiter (Charis – one of the working Charalambous family that run it) take care of the order and we had plat after plate of fabulous salad (you can’t get real Greek salad and creamy feta anywhere else) and grilled specialties well into the night. All the great Greek inspired dishes are here including Stifado, Kleftiko, Souvlaki and fresh fish – but I’d recommend simply ordering the Full Meze, loosen your waistband and enjoy a wide selection from across the menu.

Check out my review of Corallo restaurant – I am baldrick – on Qype

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3 Responses to Corallo restaurant in Limassol

  1. JAC says:

    We had a full meze at the Corallo, it was absolutely divine, I recommend it.

  2. VentureGirl says:

    Thanks for the sweet and short but highly effective restaurant/food review. 🙂 Now I know where to eat in Cyprus. Thanks also for the tips on what to order when I visit the place. ^^


  3. dan says:

    If this really happens it will be great. There has been alot of development round by the harbour in Paphos. It seems that in every town the word marina appears. In Larnaca and Pissouri they have also promised residents of a marina!!

    We’ve just joined the membership for one month for a Cyprus holiday. We are off next week and can not wait. Good restaurants, good food, the odd day trip – cant wait. We will probably hire a car and go for to other resorts in Cyprus too.

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