Gufaa Raja in West Malling

West Malling

A very high quality Indian in the middle of a ‘Stepford Wives‘ urban development. I’ll confess this was our ‘local’ until we moved a year ago and was a much appreciated refuge from the chavs and geezers who increasingly frequented the local pub and ASDA (or CHAVSDA as it became known). Pleasant interior if airport chic floats your boat, and a little on the cramped side when busy. But the food more than makes up for it. Chicken 65 (Diced chicken cooked in lemon base sauce topped with yogurt, £3.50) and Adraki lamb chops (34.50) are well spiced and carefully starters. The Chefs Special Chicken Curry is ‘intriguing’ and the breads are pure heaven. (I’ve ordered a bag load of the plain naans as take aways to serve at dinner parties!). My favourite was Sathkari Gosht, £7.95, lamb cooked in calamansi juice (wild lemon), lemon leaf and naga chilli. According to the manager they rotate their chefs every 7 months sending them back to India to brush up on new dishes. Hard to fault and in 4 years of eating their I have only ever sent one dish back. Don’t be surprised if the odd free bottle of Kingfisher appears on your table but not on the bill…
We miss it.

Check out my review of Gufaa Raja – I am baldrick – on Qype

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