Non-alcoholic drinks

A glass of Sanguinello blood orange juice.

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Like those of us with a wary eye on our weight/lifestyle/blood pressure (!!) I try and ‘cleanse’ once in a while and always enjoy the benefits of a period of abstinence. I have been inventing/collecting recipes for non-alcoholic drinks and will be posting these here on a regular basis. Today’s contribution is perhaps the simplest I can thinks of. I know it sounds a bit weird but trust me – it’s a winning combination!

Baldrick’s Tomato and Orange medley (well I couldn’t just call it ‘Tomato and Orange’ could I? I’m in marketing…)

Equal measures of tomato and orange juice (tomato JUICE – to be pedantic) over ice in a tall tumbler. Good anytime of the day. A slightly worrying colour but I defy you to drink this slowly – I just guzzle it ‘in-one’!

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