Student cuisine

Like many parents up and down the country we’re adjusting to the absence of our eldest daughter as she starts her first year at University. We’re reminded of her every day as we walk past her bedroom door. Thankfully technology keeps us in regular contact – chatting on-line and regular phone calls keeps us re-assured that she’s safe and enjoying her new ‘big adventure’.

She has made friends with her ‘room-mates’ in Halls of Residence and she has mentioned they are collaborating in the shared kitchen – so hopefully she is eating a decent diet. Which brings me to the reason for this posting – student cookery – and a really terrific initiative by a couple of undergraduates who have written a cookbook for students (a cookbook by students, for students, as they put it). The book – Sorted – is the brainchild of Ben Ebbrell (final year student of culinary arts management) and his mates. recipes, cocktail mixing (see the website for great videos of synchronised cocktail mixing…)and even a ‘how to get drunk’ chapter will make this a good addition to the usual ‘eating on a budget’ offerings.

Inspired by this I have decided to join with the cause and use Presto Pronto as a source of recipe ideas and cooking techniques for my daughter and her friends. It should also give this blog a better sense of purpose which has, if I’m being honest, been generally lacking since I started it!

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