A quick steak sarnie lunch

Whilst looking for a quick, quiet lunch away from the office with a chance to sit and read the days papers I dropped in to the Black Pig in T. Wells. Although I’ve been here for ‘payday drinks’ I’ve never eaten – but thought I’d try the bar menu.

The place was quiet – but that’s not unusual nowadays – and the restaurant area deserted so I sat in the bar. The menu was concise but nicely varied and without much deliberation I ordered the steak sandwich and a large coke.

The sandwich arrived promptly with a ‘bucket’ of fries – home made – and an excellent sliced steak on (again) home made Foccacia. The small side salad was nicely dressed and salt m(sea flakes) and pepper (coarse ground) came in little ‘thumb-pots’, together with a fruity Dijon mustard. It was excellent – quality ingredients, friendly service – peaceful and with a good sized coke it came to £9 all in.

I’ll be back next month to try the chicken and pancetta version. Give the Pig a try – it deserves more custom.

Steak sandwich at The Black Pig

Steak sandwich at The Black Pig

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