Qype: Barn The Restaurant Pub in Tunbridge Wells

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I make no apologies for this – somebody needs to be told…
The Barn is a centrally located pub in TW and benefits from the local businesses in the area so is usually busy at lunchtimes (when I’ve been as it’s close to our offices). I can’t comment on the evening trade however.
On each occasion the food has been appalling – not just ‘below average’ pub grub but flat out disgusting. On my first visit the pizza I ordered (‘Spicy pepper’) was actually wet…don’t ask me how they did this…and the (cheddar) cheese topping was hardly melted. Under this vulcanised crust of Cathedral City lay a AT LEAST 2 raw bell peppers sliced into chunks. As a final flourish the kitchen had garnished the entire (tepid) topping with the entire contents of a jar of Jalapeno chilies. On collecting my barely touched plate the waiter kept a stony faced experssion of total dis-interest and whipped away the plate before i could open my mouth and mutter ‘withold my compliments tothe kitchen’. I have been back several times since on ‘corporate’ get together lunches – last week the seasonal menu was launched and now features the ‘All Day Breakfast Pizza’. My homemade burger with stilton came with a side of carbonised chips 9as did the other 3 we ordered) and a burger made from low-grade watery mince which oozed industrial grease as you picked it up – tasted of nothing – and was topped off with the crusty arse end of a stilton wedge which hadn’t even melted. Oh – a colleague who went for he ‘safe’ option of a caesar salad was intrigued to see the kitchen had – in typical signature style – tipped the entire contents of a jar of capers on top of the salad rendering it inedible and soaked in bitter vinegar.
It can’t possibly get any worse…but I’m going back only to see what the Christmas menu promises!

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