Qype: Green Chillie in Tunbridge Wells

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I have to agree with steveizz – and as this is technically our ‘local’ we’ve had a few takeaways with mixed results. First – why doesn’t it smell like an Indian restaurant? I sometimes walk past during the day and would expect to get that ‘tandoor’ warm up smell – but nothing. Same inside. I suspect the food may be shipped in and microwaved to order – but that doesn’t explain the lengthy waiting that steviezz experienced (our hasn’t been too bad though). The food is ‘old school’ indan – heavy, lots of ‘gravy’ and big portions of everything. Unfortunately I also have had the old-school ‘morning after’ squits. The kids love it however and their Korma always gets good reviews from the girls. Naan’s are fresh and good quality – but – where are they making the food?
On a positive note they do free home delivery and give £2 money off vouchers for orders over £30. Unfortunately the local competition (Kirthon, Spice Club, Junaki, Langton Tandoori) will be hard to beat unless they really turn up the quality burners.

Check out my review of Green Chillie – I am baldrick – on Qype

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