Qype: Mooli in Tunbridge Wells

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Good quality Nepalese/Tibetan cuisine with pleasant, calming service from quiet-mannered and attentive staff. Well OK – it was lunchtime (late) and I was the only person in the restaurant – but there was no pressure to move me on.

I had the Sekuwa Parbat from the lunch menu. This was preceded by a small poppadum and a few chutneys which was unexpected. The main course came as a fresh side order of salad, another mild chutney, a Nepalese Nann (fresh, slightly crispy with a hint of fennel seeds) and the lamb. This was cooked in the ‘Chuli’ (clay oven) on a skewer with peppers and tomato. It was delicately seasoned – only slightly spiced – and perfect for a lunchtime. The meat was tender, fat free and presented medium rare.
Atul Kochhar is quoted on the menu but his testimonial (‘the best Nepalese I have ever eaten’) is a little dated (2006)! Nonetheless my first experience was very pleasant and I will be back to try the Sunday lunch (a steal at £10.50) and I also took their takeaway menu – which is 10% cheaper than the restaurant prices. A truly refreshing change from the trusty Indian standby. Do give it a try!

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