A salad from a friend in the South

Some feta cheese, a traditional Greek cheese
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To be more precise, Southern USA – Elizabeth County. So this is named The ‘EC’ salad in honour of the gal (‘K’) that shared this recipe with me (thanks again!).

The ingredients are similar to a Greek country salad – so good black (kalamata) olives, sweet geen pepper, red onion,cucumber and tomatoes. The dressing ingredients are given below and have parmesan and parsley on hand for guests to serve themselves (as it says in all the grown up recipe books!). These should be ‘chunky diced’ and the onion sliced in to thin half-moon rings. The salad could be eaten as a stand alone with good country bread (home made sourdough, focaccia or ciabatta) but K’s version is designed to be mixed into pasta – a fusilli or small-ish penne would be ideal – just try and balance the size of your pasta with the vegetables to get a nice balance of ingredients on the plate.

The Dressing

And here I quote from K’s instructions.

the dressing is made with olive oil, garlic, sun dried tomatos, capers-all mixed in a food processor. then while the fussili is hot, pour it in, mix, add kalamata olives, feta, fresh tomatos, parsley and parmesan.

A good, honest salad that would work in any season!

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