‘Best bangers in Britain’?

Spinach and Pinenut Free Range Pork Sausage
Image by avlxyz via Flickr

Pork and sage sausages from HMP East Sutton Park have been named as ‘supreme sausage’ taking honours at the Smithfield Meat and Livestock show. The prison farm shop has become a mecca for sausage aficionados, boasting over 20 varieties from classics tp more exotic specialities – including the Caribbean Special.

The ‘specialty’ recipe remains a closely guarded secret – however our local banger gourmet recommends the Pork and Hops ariety.

The prison’s 200 saddleback pigs created even greater interest when they appeared on BBC2’s ‘Jimmy’s Farm‘.  Farm Manager Chris Coveney and his wife Lorraine attribute the success of the sausages to “The quality of meat and the real care that goes into making them.”

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