British Pie Week falls flat

Steak & Ale Pie
Image by StrudelMonkey via Flickr

As a HUGE advocate for that stalwart of the British diet I am a big pie enthusiast – so I was chuffed to discover we are slap bang in the middle of the ‘official’ British Pie Week ‘once more’ (so I missed the last one completely did I?).

The Twitterverse showed Tweets relating to the event were trending rapidly upwards full of enthusiastic Tweeps sharing their favourite pies and generally being ‘pro-pie’. All good stuff.

Finding the ‘official’ blog – which is sponsored by Jus Rol – I dived in expecting to find all manner of interesting information and recipes relating to our national pastry-topped treasures. What i found left me decidedly flat and – sorry Jus Rol – pretty disappointed. For starters, there wasn’t even a Twitter or Facebook link and nothing of any real interest to get my teeth into. Where are the juicy bits for me to take away and share with my foodie chums? No history – nothing relating to techniques and Chef’s favourites (OK there is a Pie Of the Week and the chef that created it, but that’s about all).

So all in all a really sad missed opportunity. Tip for next time lads – talk to those who are really enthusiastic about the subject and you’ll get huge support and maybe some useful advice (free!) on how to make something like this really take off within the online food communities.

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