A brunch classic from Mexico

Huevos Rancheros has been widely recognised as a classic hangover cure (see Rick Stein & others). For a relatively quick and tasty brunch/lunch it takes some beating – particularly if you feel the need a chilli kick!

My version is a slight adaptation of the classic recipe – and in this case the amount made served one (me) for lunch today. The recipe is very adaptable – you can include sliced peppers, celery if you have them. One variation uses oregano – which I tend to avoid in this version – and mushrooms would work. You’ll need the following:

Small heavy frying pan (omelette size is perfect) – get this on a low heat and glug in a good 3 tbsps. of olive oil.

Chopped red onion (about a 1/4). 1 red or green chilli – de-seeded if you must. Get these sweating in the pan. 3 ripe tomatoes or 1/2 tin, chopped. 3 small (cocktail sized) cooking chorizo cut into thick slices – chuck in the pan with the onion to get the chorizo flavours into the oil. Once the chorizo and onions have melded crush and drop in one garlic clove – let this sweat and then tip in the tomatoes. (At this point I include a dash of red wine or balsamic vinegar – gives it a sweet/sour hit – I’ll leave this up to you!) If you have any flat leaf parsley chop this roughly. Cover the pan and let it simmer for 5 mins – then carefully crack one fresh egg (or more if the occasions demands) and place it in the tomato and chorizo sauce. Cover and cook gently until the egg is set. Slide out onto a warmed flat bowl and eat with tortillas or whatever bread you have to hand (I like ciabatta rolls gently toasted and smothered in butter. To serve – salt the egg and pepper the tomato sauce – and splash on a few hits of tabasco for good measure!

Huevos Rancheros by Prestopronto

Huevos Rancheros by Prestopronto

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2 Responses to A brunch classic from Mexico

  1. Katie says:

    See? Now THAT’S how you do Mexican food!

    Great blog!

    • chris says:

      Thanks Katie – your Taco recipe is truly impressive. I’ve never considered lavishing so much care and attention on a Taco but will treat them with new respect from now. (Great blog BTW!)

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