Roasted raspbery jam

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With a glut of raspberries to deal with the search for a great jam recipe revealed two very similar techniques – involving roasting the fruits in the oven. Rose Gray & Ruth Rogers in ‘River Cafe Cook Book Green’ and Italian ‘bible’ The Silver Spoon have similar approaches (not surprising given the Italian provenance of both titles).

Having tried this I would stress that – as with any jam making session – the ingredients get VERY HOT indeed – so take care. We also halved the recipe quantities successfully. So, pre-heat your oven to a good 200C and get two ovenproof dishes ready.


3kg fresh raspberries (thanks mother-in-law!)

2.5kg caster sugar

Makes 5kg

Place berries and sugar in separate dishes and roast for 30 mins. Remove both dishes and carefully pour the hot sugar into the fruits. Stir steadily to incorporate and watch in wonder as the fruits collapse, the sugar melts and ‘prestopronto’ you have instant jam!

Bottle in clean sterilised jars sealed with a wax paper lid.

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