Qype: Oyster Fishery Company Restaurant in Whitstable

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A truly fantastic venue but really over priced for very standard food. On both occasions we’ve had fun ‘luvvie’ spotting but ultimately you go there for the food and i found we were down-grading our menu selection as the prices are more West End then North Kent.

The cod was well cooked and the (extra) chips perfect. My wife’s sardines were ‘nice’ but she’s a very forgiving diner and doesn’t like to make a fuss.

Overall a bit disappointing – hence the 3 star rating. (Rather than pay the exorbitant price for their oysters we went along the beach to the fishmarket and bought a dozen and an oyster knife for the same price as 1/2 doz. at the restaurant – enjoyed later by the family with a bottle of chilled Prosecco.)

(I was also stupid enough to leave my wallet on the table and didn’t realise until we were home (a good hour’s drive away). I had business cards in it but no one had the foresight to call or email me. It was held until I picked it up though.)
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