iPhone Presto Pronto App

Another Google results listing for ‘Presto Pronto!’ caught my eye recently – a cookery app for those with a pressure cooker (possibly a hard-core minority today methinks?).

I was taught how to use a pressure cooker by my Mum as part of my ‘domestic training’ before I left home for Uni – a bl**dy long time ago. Her Spag Bol was always cooked this way – and I left home with her old Prestige cooker and a spare gasket/ring/the rubber bit that sits in the lid. The beauty of these cookers is you get the same results from a 20 minute ‘blast’ as you can from a ‘long & slow’ 2 – 3 hour simmer. So a good option for slow foodinistas in a hurry (sorry – you know what I mean though…)

Pressure cookers save on energy, maintain goodness and flavour (you’re cooking in a sealed environment) and produce great results.

I’m on my second cooker – they last forever – and it gets used a couple of times a month in our house. Don’t be intimidated by the process – they don’t explode.

Long live the pressure cooker!

PS here’s a link to the app http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/presto-pronto!/id438064903?mt=8

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