Alcohol Free Cocktails

The mock-hito

An alcohol free version of this highly popular Cuban classic. Traditionally made with rum, you can either adapt your favourite recipe by simply leaving out the rum – easy. Here are 2 versions which you can try safe in the knowledge you’ll be able to drive home from the party and wake up in the morning with a clear head!

The mock-hito


At least 10 mint leaves

1 – 2 teaspoons of sugar

Juice of 1 lime and lime quarters (to garnish)

Ice – cracked (pound ice cubes in a clean tea towel until you get 2 handfuls of ice chunks)

Soda water OR ginger beer (really!)

Highball glass

Method: Add mint leaves and sugar to the glass then ‘bruise’ the leaves with a wooden spoon (don’t break them up!). This is known as “muddling” and releases the mint oils. Then add the lime juice. Stir carefully and make sure the sugar dissolves (caster sugar will dissolve more easily than granulated). Put the mix in the fridge to ‘chill’ for a few minutes. Then add your handfuls of ice. Add the soda or ginger beer. Stir, then garnish with lime quarters and mint leaves.

virgin maryThe Virgin Mary

‘NA’ (no alcohol) version of the Bloody Mary. I had this recently at the Cricketer’s Club in London where they serve this by the pint. Fabulous.

Make sure the tomato or vegetable juice is well chilled – a luke-warm Virgin doesn’t hit the spot, believe me.

Method & ingredients

A big glass, into which you drop 2 ice cubes (any more and the drink can get watery). A good chunk of lemon and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Black pepper (2 – 3 turns of the grinder). Then pour over the juice of your choice (V8 vegetable is good, or any tomato juice you care for). Cut a slim stick of celery (to stir and crunch as you sip). Now add at least three good shakes of Worcestershire sauce and the same of tabasco sauce – for the all important ‘kick’. Give it a good stir with a long spoon to distribute the flavourings (otherwise they tend to float on top or sink to the bottom which you need to avoid). Now garnish with celery stick and a tiny dusting of celery salt.

Brazilian Lemonade

An unusual recipe and the first lemonade I’ve seen that includes milk – condensed milk in fact. The recipe is simple –

2 Lemons

3 tbsps. condensed milk

3 cups of water (cold) and a handful of ice cubes

Take the top and base off the lemons and slice them into quarters. Drop in to a sturdy blender. add the rest of the ingredients and sugar to taste. Blend well then strain to remove the pulpy residue. Serve in cold glasses.

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3 Responses to Alcohol Free Cocktails

  1. Jim Rusbridge says:

    For a great twist on the Mock-hito replace the soda water with Mountain Dew.


    I like to receive & gather information & note about COCKTAILS & MOCKTAILS.

  3. Robert Wakeford says:

    Think I’ll definitely give these a try. Being a non drinker myself I’m always on the lookout for a change from cola or orange juice.


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