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Pappa al pomodoro

Image by WordRidden via Flickr I’ll admit it – I’ve seen this recipe in just about every italian cook-book I own and always skimmed over it giving it little consideration.(And I can’t believe I’m alone in this!) It’s hardly surprising … Continue reading

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A salad from a friend in the South

Image via Wikipedia To be more precise, Southern USA – Elizabeth County. So this is named The ‘EC’ salad in honour of the gal (‘K’) that shared this recipe with me (thanks again!). The ingredients are similar to a Greek … Continue reading

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Leftover risotto recipes

I’ve always re-heated left-over risotto – usually as a lunchtime meal (much better than a bought sarnie). However I haven’t really tried any of the recipes that ‘re-model’ the risotto into an entirely new dish. A risotto ‘pie’ was the … Continue reading

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